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The key role of a copywriter within the marketing, advertising and public relations industry is to creatively promote products through written text. A copywriter usually works in collaboration with a creative team, especially when it comes to advertising. Copywriters usually write through mediums, including emails, radio scripts, television scripts, website design, SEO communication, billboards and various other marketing media
A copywriter must perform several functions, including content research, creative writing of a product or brand for promotional purposes, and analysis of visuals for best content. A copywriter must have creative instinct, be organised, work well under pressure, and communicate clearly within a team environment
With the internet opening possible copywriter employment opportunities, anybody interested in creative writing, with or without experience, can apply for such a role. However, to work for advertising companies and firms, candidates should have a degree in journalism or communications, and have experience in a similar position. Professionals can earn an annual salary of around £25,000, but possibly more in the larger firms in cities like London.


Copywriters are required to generate slogans, audio scripts and words for advertising visuals. They team up with other professionals of the same area such as an art director and a creative team. These workers specialise in different sectors such as print, online, TV, radio, direct mail, among others. Among creations of these professionals are body copy, slogans, straplines, scripts, and jingles.

A Copywriter usually performs many of the following tasks:
• Writing copy options.
• Overseeing production phase.
• Modifying copies according to client’s needs.
• Presenting initial ideas to develop.
• Meeting with other professionals to discuss projects.


• Having high attention to details.
• Being creative.
• Being able to work with a team.
• Being self motivated and proactive.
• Having good written and spoken communication abilities.
• Having interpersonal skills.
• Having good business sense.
• Being able to work to strict deadlines.
• Having good research skills.
• Being able to deal with criticism.


Copywriter jobs do not require a specific set of academic qualifications, but most applicants have degrees, Higher National Diploma, or foundation degrees in design or advertising. Other relevant studies for this area are English, media, journalism, and marketing. Entry requirements for these courses vary according to institutions and subjects, but they usually include four GCSE’s (A
*-C) and one A level in relevant subjects.

There are marketing qualifications, including a postgraduate diploma, offered by The Chartered Institute of Marketing for people working in this area.

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