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Under the umbrella of sales and marketing, a product manager works for a large company and is involved in the direction of a particular line of product. This position involves high level of experience working in the field and knowledge of marketing in order to succeed at promoting a particular product.
A product manager’s job is to look into and research the products for a company or organisation. They must take many factors into consideration, such as demographic and competition, as well as how the product fits in with the company’s business model. The manager of a product may work to promote multiple products at the same time.
Qualifications for product managing roles often include degrees in the field of marketing, product desing, product management and business. A person in this role generally has some experience within the particular field and a demonstrated ability. Salaries differ greatly from company to company, with some top employers paying as much as £100,000 per year.


Product managers oversee the entire development and production process of a business’s products. They are integral in the life of a product and coordinate with departmental teams to ensure its success. Managers mediate with product design, quality assurance, testing, sales, marketing, and accounting teams.
The success of a product is not only dependent on internal company processes but external market factors as well. Product managers watch and review commercial trends to determine the best methods to make the product or service marketable or profitable to the company. They analyse data and meet with relevant stakeholders to determine the best strategies.
Product managers:
• Foster client relationships
• Negotiate with suppliers, and distributors
• Coordinate with managerial teams
• Determine the best time for the product to go on the market
• Prepare, review and distribute reports, feedback, analysis, and other market data
• Learn about the products life cycle
• Monitor all aspects of the design, development and production process
The salaries of product managers are competitive. They maintain normal office hours, or work on shifts if necessary. Benefits may include travel, meal, and uniform allowance, insurance, pension schemes, vacation time, and sick days.


• Be detailed and results oriented
• Thorough knowledge of the business or commercial market
• Be proficient in using computer applications and software
• Have strong negotiating skills
• Be able to network and develop key relationships
• Be observant and resourceful
• Be methodical
• Be able to delegate responsibilities
• Communicate effectively through written or verbal mediums
• Superior managerial and supervisory capabilities


It is advantageous for product managers to attain an MBA. If not, managers can possess a bachelor’s degree relevant to their field, combined with previous working experience. Employers prefer if a graduate’s degree is in a business or marketing related course. Product managers receive on the job training about the company’s goods and services. They attend conferences, seminars, workshops, or product training sessions with product experts. Product Managers learn about the blueprint, expansion, fabrication, and preservation of a product.

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