Engineering Manager job description


Engineering Managers administer and manage the job responsibilities of an engineering department. They hire, train and mentor junior employees. Managers are very apt at managing engineering projects and managing teams to accomplish their successful completion.
An Engineering Manager usually performs many of the following tasks:
•  Scheduling staff assignments
•  Supervising employees
•  Assisting production managers and team leaders
•  Liaising with directors and executives
•  Developing systems
•  Tracking projects
•  Conducting performance reviews
•  Executing company expansion plans


• Being self motivated and focused
• Leadership
• Problem solving
• Mentoring junior members
• Stress management
• Being a good communicator
• Being decisive
• Being technical and analytic
• People management
• Being proactive and flexible
• Administration and organisation
• Being adaptable
• Networking


Having HND, or HNC certifications can assist job seekers in getting an Engineering Manager position. To have a greater advantage engineers can attain Bachelors, MBA or Masters Degrees. They may study Computer Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Engineering Technology, Business Administration or other Engineering related subjects.

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