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Environmental managers play a key role in the ecological performance of establishments in the social care sector, including hospitals, care homes and hostels. Those working in this position have the responsibility for implementing strategies, monitoring performance and identifying where improvements can be made.
The manager should also ensure that all members of staff are aware of their ecological responsibilities, through training and recognition. Recycling, waste management and conservation of energy all come under the manager’s remit
Those working in the role tend to work normal office hours, with occasional travel for site visits. The role is open to all graduates, but those with degrees in environmental science or ecology have a great advantage. However, those with a background in social care can pursue a postgraduate qualification if they wish
The average UK salary is £32,500, but those with more than 15 years’ experience can earn much more, especially if the become an environmental consultant. On the other hand, graduate entrants should earn at least £18,000.


Environmental health officers are required to improve quality of life of people, ensuring healthy and safe environments to live, work, and play. They work in different areas such as public health, food safety, occupational health, housing and environmental protection. These officers visit kitchens, offices, restaurants, shops, and factories to ensure there are no potential risks for peoples´ health. They develop, implement and enforce health policies for public sector or private companies.

Environmental health officers usually perform many of the following tasks:
• Inspecting kitchens to ensure healthy conditions.
• Arranging licences for shops.
• Monitoring radiation levels.
• Investigating accidents in workplaces.
• Creating reports about inspections.


• Having good written and spoken communication abilities.
• Having good problem solving skills.
• Being self confident.
• Being able to work alone or with a team.
• Having good decision making skills.
• Being able to work under pressure or difficult circumstances.
• Having technical and scientific understanding.
• Being persuasive and tactful.
• Having math skills.
• Being assertive.


Environmental health jobs require specific degrees for this area, such an undergraduate or master´s degree that can be obtained from the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health or the Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland. Applicants for these courses need two A levels and five GSCE (A-C/1-3) including a science subject as a minimum.

Graduates from science subjects can have a postgraduate course to enter to this area. It is recommended to have a driving licence for most jobs.

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