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Working in the chemical engineering department, the engineer will be required to aid the development of a diverse range of products from pharmaceuticals, to oil and gas, food and drink, water treatment, and plastics and toiletries. The role will require research into new technology such as fuel cells, nanotechnology and biomedical engineering
The chemical engineer will design plant equipment, working closely with control engineers and chemists, and institute scale-up and scale-down processes. They will test, monitor and develop new simulation models as well as troubleshoot existing products and plant items.
The successful applicant will be educated to degree level in chemical engineering and usually have some kind of experience in the field. The average salary for this type of engineer is between £25,297 to £46,022 for more experienced candidates or those in a more supervisory role. The salary includes bonuses and profit sharing, but will vary between employers and regions around the UK; for example, expect 10-20 per cent higher rates in the Greater London area.


Chemical Engineers are required to design transformation processes to convert raw materials into other useful products. An example of their work can be oil transformation into cosmetics, textiles, fuels, and plastics. Their work is also related to safe, environmentally friendly, and cost effective production methods. Most manufacturing production processes require chemical engineering at some level.

A Chemical Engineer usually performs many of the following tasks:
• Ensuring process safety.
• Researching ways to reduce unwanted by-products.
• Finding new recycling processes.
• Controlling instruments for production process.
• Monitoring production and dealing with problems.


• Having excellent IT skills.
• Having competent problem solving abilities.
• Being accurate and logical.
• Having business and legal knowledge.
• Being able to work with a team.
• Being able to motivate others.
• Having organisational skills.
• Having good math and chemistry skills.
• Being able to manage budgets and projects.
• Having good communication abilities.


Chemical Engineering area requires graduated applicants including accredited chemical engineering degree. Information related to degree courses is available at the Institution of Chemical Engineers´ website. A Bachelor of Engineering lasts three years studying full time and Master of Engineering course lasts for years. Minimum requirements for these courses are having five GCSE´s/S grades (A-C/1-3) and two A levels/three H grades including biology, physics or equivalent qualifications.

Other path to enter to this area is to have a three-year Higher National Certificate or a Higher National Diploma, plus further studies of one year as a minimum. It is also recommended to have a corporate membership of the Institution of Engineering and Technology.

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