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Those referred to as a design manager are employed to lead numerous design-related tasks, which may include web design, product development, advertising or general creative roles. These individuals can be employed in graphic design firms, in the entertainment industry or in manufacturing firms ranging from toy makers to major automobile producers
In addition to creative flair, this post requires jobholders to have solid communication and articulation skills as well as the ability to multi-task. Each industry/position will also entail specific training and background requirements, which may include strong knowledge of design techniques, software, engineering, mathematics, illustration and/or business-related functions such as marketing and advertising. Tertiary qualifications in some of these disciplines will be well-regarded
Salaries associated with design manager posts in the United Kingdom can begin as low as £25,000 per annum and can stretch to in excess of £70,000; those incumbents with a background in engineering and IT-related disciplines will typically see the highest figures. The average salary for the position has hovered at around £40,000 per annum in recent years.


Design managers are in charge of design teams. They oversee the day-to-day operations in the design department. These managers are project managers who delegate team member assignments. Some design managers may also hire staff, conduct performance assessments, and order design resources.
Design managers may work with other departments in large organizations. They coordinate with product, sales or marketing teams to create the right product presence, design, or logo. Design departments are integral to the success of a product as consumers often are attracted to a product or judge its quality based on its outward appearance, labels and other design elements.
Functions of a Design Manager may include:
•  Attending, hosting or coordinating department meetings
•  Collaborating with other departments
• Delegating and Reviewing team assignments
•  Developing, preparing, analysing and reviewing budgets and other financial reports
• Conducting team training on new business guidelines or design developments
•  Guiding and motivating fellow employees
• Creating innovative designs, drafts, or presentations
•  Meeting customer expectations
• Ensuring design quality and that design directives are followed


• Technical knowledge of the design process
• Be creative and innovative
• Effective supervisory and organizational skills
• Be able to lead teams
• Be able to motivate self and team members
• Be able to resolve issues in a timely manner
• Be flexible and dependable
• Be able to work in multifaceted working environments
• Be able to produce quality projects consistently
• Be able to efficiently communicate in both written and oral


Design managers must possess at least a first degree. This degree should be from a design related field such as graphic design.

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