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Design engineers are employed across a wide range of industries but are essentially responsible for developing new products and the systems which will be used to produce them. They also work towards improving the efficiency and performance of existing designs, machinery and equipment, systems and products
A design engineer undertakes extensive research to determine whether a new product will be cost effective. This involves using CAD to produce technical plans and working with prototypes. The job also involves collecting and analysing data and producing detailed reports for management and clients
Most of the job holder’s time will be spent in the design office, but there may be some time spent communicating ideas to clients. Problem-solving skills, creativity, a good knowledge of design software and the ability to work in a team are all qualities needed for this type of work
Further education is required to become a design engineer, and there are a wide range of subjects on offer. Additional training will be given in the workplace. Entry level salaries are between £22,000 and £25,000 per year.


Design engineers work to develop product sketches, drafts and designs. They coordinate with various departments such as marketing, sales, production, research and development. These engineers use various design tools, equipment, and computer applications. Design engineers take into consideration several factors when working on projects. They include cost, maintenance, safety regulations, legal stipulations, the environment, quality and other production guidelines.
Design engineers are responsible for creating drafts of many products we use daily. They include aeroplanes, laptops, washing machines, dryers, trucks, boats, elevators, cell phones etc. They consider the environmental, safety and mechanical effects the product will have on the consumer and other agents. These professionals must be innovative and creative and often work on their own initiative.
The hours worked by design engineers vary. They may work normal office hours or on shifts dependent on the company. Engineers often work overtime due to project demands. Some design engineers may visit distributor or client locations. They receive good salary and benefits remuneration.


• Understanding of design and engineering procedures
• Quality oriented
• Planning, project and time management expertise
• Initiative and diligence
• Teamwork and proficiency
•  Technical knowledge of computer assisted design (CAD) software
• Innovative and creative thinking
•  Expertise with metals and other materials
• Proficient computer and application skills
• Keen decision making capabilities


Design engineers are required to have relevant certification in their area of expertise. Qualifications may be in areas such as mechanical, civil, product, industrial, or materials engineering. Engineers may filter into their design role through from other positions into the practical element of design engineering.
Engineers often work many years and then study design and aesthetics courses to prepare them for design engineer jobs. Design engineers must be knowledgeable about, engineering materials, engineering, and manufacturing processes.

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