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Development Engineers produce code, or applications using their knowledge of computer programming languages. They plan, expand, and execute projects in teams or on their own. These engineers must operate at a high standard and produce a quality product. Some engineers work on specific parts of a project; for instance, coding, testing, or implementation.
Functions of a Development Engineers include:
•  Test and develop applications
•  Resolve user issues
• Give technical support for new and current applications
• Attend team meetings and functions
• Be present at training sessions
• Learn new technologies and programming developments
•  Maintain a high level of customer satisfaction


• Being proactive
• Have good organizational skills
• Being able to communicate effectively in a written and verbal format
• Being able to test software applications
• Being able to **program using C, C++, C

, Java, CSS etc**

• Being focused and diligent
• Being reliable and approachable
• Be able to work cohesively with team members
• Have a positive attitude and outlook
• Being able to meet targets
• Being detail oriented
• Have great project management skills


Engineers should have a first degree in computer science or an information technology related field. They must be able proficiently program using several programming languages. Comprehensive knowledge of Java applications, Java related technologies and frameworks, SEO, API Development, or Object Orientated Design is essential.
Development Engineers must operate at a high level of professionalism and produce high quality work consistently. An aptitude for math and science related study is also beneficial. Experience in programming or working with teams is useful in accessing managerial positions.

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