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Quality Assurance is a crucial part of every firm’s production, whether services or goods are produced. Workers carry out a valuable role in a company’s success by monitoring the quality of services or goods. Job holders in this position must have a strong work ethic, be honest, dependable and responsible.
The working environment can vary; some workers might be exposed to harmful vapours or chemicals, while others may work in extreme cold or heat for prolonged periods. Titles of people working in the role can include testers, samplers, sorters, inspectors and weighing samplers.
Each employee will work in a team or individually to ensure the quality standards of a particular company are being met. They are also responsible for making sure that other employees are producing quality services and goods and, if they are not, must report the issue to their employers
The qualification requirements can vary depending on the company as well as what is being produced. If work relates to a safety issue, more advanced training is normal, whereas workers operating on a pass/fail line may only require high school education. The average salary of a quality assurance worker can vary dramatically depending on qualifications and technicality of the role.


Quality assurance officers are required to determine and establish quality standards related to products and services offered by a company. They also monitor that organization’s actions are in the same path with targets and advise improvements to do in the processes. Some sectors that have job placements for this area are processing companies and food manufacturing.

A Quality Assurance officer usually performs many of the following tasks:
• Creating explanatory documents.
• Establishing standards for customer service.
• Ensuring execution of corrective actions.
• Supervising technical staff.
• Identifying training needs.


• Having statistical and math abilities.
• Being able to work with a team.
• Having aptitude for analysis.
• Being persuasive.
• Having attention to details.
• Having knowledge about quality standards.
• Being able to motivate other members.
• Having project management skills.
• Having competent problem solving abilities.
• Having interpersonal skills.


Quality assurance officer jobs require a good honours degree in related subjects such as food science/technology, business studies/management, process engineering, math, among others. It is recommended to also have a postgraduate qualification for some companies. Some HND subjects such as printing, textile technology, business/management, food technology, and some others can improve possibilities to get a job.

In cases of applicants without HND or degrees, it is required to have substantial training and experience as a minimum. There are processing and manufacturing companies that also require technical background specifically.

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