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Maintenance workers are essential in nearly every industry as well as in public sector organisations. Nearly everything involved in commerce and daily operations for schools and government agencies requires upkeep, from general facilities to heavy equipment and IT systems
Daily tasks for those working in this area vary depending on the employer and the specific post at hand, though most individuals will be expected to keep a close eye on facilities and equipment, making repairs, adjustments and replacing parts when needed. Cleaning is a common duty, as are safety checks and communication with management in regards to general upkeep and things that may require specialist repairs or significant investments
Remuneration for this type of work varies greatly; those in general maintenance positions will generally earn between £15,000 and £25,000 per annum, whereas posts requiring trade skills or technical knowledge can fetch more than £30,000 per annum, particularly in regards to technologically-savvy individuals.


Handling the upkeep and repair work in a building, condo or apartment is the job of Maintenance Professional. This person may work in plumbing, electrical, masonry, carpentry, and painting. They fix floors, windows, plumbing, pipes, ACs, walls and just about everything that needs to be maintained or installed.
For those working in maintaining landscape, they take care of the premises by cutting and maintaining lawns, trees, shrubs, gardens etc. These professionals may specialise in more than one area, and often times live in the building or complex in which they work. They must also be available for emergency calls.
A Maintenance professional usually performs many of the following tasks:
• Creating schedules for maintenance work
• Performing routine maintenance
• Laying brick for structures
• Estimating repair costs
• Cleaning machinery parts
• Assembling building components


• Communication and professionalism
• Operating and working in high and confined areas
• Understanding and implementing safety policies
• Being analytical and motivated
• Using hands and appropriate tools to get the job done
• Reading blueprints and repair instructions
• Working unsupervised
• Teamwork and being practical
• Measuring and calculating
• Being attentive to details
• Understanding plans, drawings and other technical instructions


The job of a Maintenance Professional is more manual and technically related. Persons interested can start right out of high school with NVQ, GCSE or A level subjects. They can also work as apprentices to learn their skill. They must become knowledgeable about safety regulations, building codes and other compliance policies.

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