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Vital to the engineering and construction field is the project engineer, who supervises the preliminary stages of major projects. These individuals are typically employed by construction and manufacturing companies, which build prefabricated homes and commercial buildings.
Work duties normally entail: Assessing production costs and other vital data pertaining to the project, ensuring that the project runs efficiently and on schedule, reviewing preliminary reports submitted by the crew and project manager, compiling data derived from preliminary reports, revising time schedules and changing material vendors according to necessity and overseeing the quality of work at project site. Other important duties include disciplining any worker who demonstrates poor workmanship, examining architectural blueprints and delivering input regarding whether the building should include concrete supports, metal support framing, or glass ceilings (for example).
Other responsibilities often include ensuring that all safety and legal requirements are being followed, interpreting clients' necessities, pinpointing and addressing engineering problems and implementing solutions. The typical salary for this job is around £45,000.


Having outstanding project management skills is highly necessary to be a Project Engineer. These engineers are responsible for the general management of the development and production stages of certain products. Their hours of work are in keeping with normal office hours. However, they work additional hours when required.
A Project Engineer usually performs many of the following tasks:
•  Managing external contractors
•  Overseeing project budget and schedule
•  Developing project procedures
• Meeting with clients
•  Preparing documentation
•  Producing test plans
•  Performing Health & Safety assessments
•  Ordering materials
•  Issuing permits


• Teamwork
• Organisation
• Communication
• People management
• Decision making
• Being resilient and ambitious
• Being professional, technical and analytical
• Time management
• Problem solving
• Networking
• Negotiating
• Meeting deadlines


Having a BTEC, HNC, HND or even GCSE qualification is helpful in obtaining a job as a Project Engineer. In order to become highly successful Engineers, graduates should gain higher qualifications, such as a Bachelors or Masters Degrees.

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