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The branch manager is in charge of a branch of a business or organisation. The branch is usually located away from the main office. They are often expected to be able to work at a distance from their direct manager, who may be based at the organisation’s head office
The role of the branch manager involves supervising staff and entails responsibilities such as ensuring employees’ salaries are paid and that leave and other entitlements are provided for. Ensuring customer satisfaction is also part of the job. They are often expected to be committed to the expansion and success of the business.
Development of the organisation’s employees is a key part of the role, to ensure that employees get the appropriate support and are given suitable training opportunities. The branch manager is also expected to determine and manage a budget, ensuring that funds are allocated appropriately and for the benefit of the wider organisation in order to meet its objectives
The applicant will have experience in the supervision and management of employees and be able to effectively manage an annual budget. The applicant will also be expected to have an extensive knowledge regarding the organisation of employment’s field. The average salary for this position is £30,000 per year.


Branch Managers are responsible for any of the following areas: commercial business, productivity, reporting, hiring and firing, marketing and advertising, and buying and selling. They are the immediate person that handles all the issues relating to matters at a particular company location.
Branch Managers research, assess, recommend changes, enforce company protocols, and deal with company security issues. They coordinate with the head office and other branch locations, whether local or national. These managers have typical office hours but may work long shifts. They also receive good salaries and benefits. Managers who run a branch, work or implement strategies to increase productivity and meet sales targets.
A Branch Manager usually performs any of the following tasks:
• Assessing sales reports
• Drafting and executing market plans
• Training
• Mentoring
• Mediating
• Motivating employees
• Adhering to regulations
• Meeting targets and deadlines
• Ensuring the company make profits
• Budgeting
• Enforcing safety measures


• Managing change
• Being a professional
• Being proficient
• Being pleasant and cordial
• Being a team player
• Being innovative and persistent
•  Communicating at the level required of your position
• Leading a team
• Project management
• Organising and managing people
•  Evaluating situations
• Motivating teams and oneself
• Quality assurance
• Customer satisfaction
• Improving productivity
• Using computer technology


Branch Managers need to have a first degree in a business related field. Having a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management, Finance, Economics, or Administration is important. People who possess a Master's Degree will have a better opportunity of acquiring jobs or receiving promotion to the position of Branch Manager. NVQ and CEMAP qualifications are also acceptable.

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