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A project manager is someone employed to oversee project of a wide variety and, therefore, need to be extremely organised, personable and have a keen attention to detail. The role is prominent within the construction, arts and IT industries, where specific projects are undertaken over a period of time with set goals and budgetary requirements to be fulfilled.
The primary aim of a project manager is to ensure that the client’s needs and requirements are adhered to and that the overall project is completed in a timely manner. It is also the job holder’s responsibility to ensure the project does not go over budget. This role requires a high level of communication skills to deal with multiple contractors, workers and clients and an calm disposition under pressure
Some of the day-to-day responsibilities of a person employed in this role include liaising with a range of professionals that are employed on the project, providing independent and professional advice to clients, as well as keeping track of standards, accounting and safety checks.
A project manager holds a senior role in their industry and will always have many years of experience in their chosen field. Some of the more successful job holders earn in excess of £80,000 a year.


Essentially project managers are responsible for projects. They manage all aspects and ensure that deadlines and targets are successfully achieved. Their functions are dependent on the company they work for and the type of project. Engineers will perform different tasks than accountants. Overall, they prepare and supervise team members and their tasks, prepare budgets and analyze data, direct and control the outcome of a project.
Managers, who head up different projects, represent the clients best interest at all times. They often communicate with them to give updates or gather any needed information. They filter this information to team members or stakeholders involved in the project. Achieving the highest quality is essential to pleasing a client and managers must practice measures to meet client standards.
Project managers can work in any industry but are very predominant in the software, engineering, construction, entertainment, fashion, and architecture sectors. Project managers receive handsome salaries. The amount a manager receives correlates to the industry to which they are employed. Dependent on the project, some project managers are required to travel away to local or international locations.
To ensure success on any project, managers must utilize and choose the best. That means, making the best decisions, hiring the right consultants, working in conjunction with the right team members and drafting the best plans.


1. Be able to efficiently communicate, both orally and written
2. Be able to successfully and productively resolve problems
3. Be able to execute unassailable business and financial skills
4. Be exceptionally detail oriented and technically minded
5. Be able to responsibly lead a team
6. Be able to efficiently utilize different computer and communication software applications and hardware
7. Be able to successfully manage time, plans, projects and other related tasks
8. Be able to adequately function in a high expectancy and demand position
9. Be able to continuously meet targets and surpass expectations
10. Be extremely proficient and knowledgeable


Project managers should hold at least a first degree and have several years working experience in a management position.  Suitable experience includes working in positions or fields that require project management such as accounting, engineering, construction, management, or business. Many institutions offer programs or certifications at the master’s level in project management. Some students matriculate, to these masters program, with either a suitable degree or relevant job experience.
Project managers often receive on the job training from senior colleagues or study part time. They should join Project Management associations and professional bodies so that they are current with industry practices and events. As these managers, work with data and numbers, they are required to be good at finance, economics, and statistics. Keen knowledge of various project management applications, such as Microsoft Project is also required.

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