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Mergers and acquisition executives fill a key role in the world of business and it is their responsibility to give advice to clients on buying new companies, handling corporate finance transactions and working with capital markets. Day-to-day tasks will include presenting financial solutions, instructing co-workers and investigating the fiscal and commercial state of companies
The perfect M&A executive will have excellent networking skills, the ability to adhere to company rules and regulations while being creative and innovative, will be comfortable using computers and in the know about the latest trends in business. Keen analytical and organisational skills are also an advantage
This position is best suited to those with a background in law or accounting and the typical qualifications required for this role include finance and management-related degrees and MBAs. The average salary for these individuals is around £80,000 per year, though this figure varies depending on experience and qualifications.


Mergers and Acquisition Executives may work as a part of a team to advise and guide clients with issues such as buying new companies, mergers, handling corporate finance transactions and dealing with capital markets. They may, on a daily basis, deal with activities to get their client or company ready for an acquisition or merger. They also generate, investigate, and go over pecuniary representations as well as industry information.
A Mergers and Acquisition Executive usually performs many of the following tasks:
•  Presenting financial solutions
• Implementing M&A propositions
•  Instructing co-workers
• Negotiating terms
• Developing pitches to raise funds
• Assisting the corporate finance department
•  Investigating the fiscal and commercial state of companies


• Adhering to company and industry policies and regulations
• Being able to manage people and relationships
• Being commercially and economically aware
• Being computer savvy
• Being decisive, creative and adaptable
• Having excellent networking and negotiating skills
• Having sound business and interpersonal skills
• Having strong ethics and business ideals
• Having strong numerical and analytical skills
• Managing multiple projects and prioritizing


Individuals who have a background in Law or Accounting, often study to become an M & A Executive. They try to get qualifications like:
•    ICAEW Corporate Finance Qualification (CFq)
•    CISI Level 3 Certificate in Corporate Finance or Certificate in Investment Management
•    CFA Society of the UK Investment Management Certificate
•    CISI Diploma
•    MBA
•    CIIA
•    ACA

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