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Deployed across all industries and calling on a mix of personal and professional skills, work in project management essentially requires the ability to understand the terminology, practices and requirements of both engineers and end-users. This is multi-disciplinary work that demands knowledge of and experience in the specific industry in which a project is being managed
Awareness and hands-on experience of particular tools and products may also be required in order to effectively manage a project. Experience of established protocols and methodologies such as PRINCE2, critical path, critical chain and agile management may be needed, particularly on larger projects. At higher levels, PPM will be a strong asset
In general, roles in this area demand a high degree of interpersonal skills, particularly the ability to speak the language of both the end user and engineers tasked with scoping and delivering project components. The ability to manage resources, stakeholder demands and support, and scheduling is paramount. Professional qualification like PMI or APM is an asset
Good project managers can expect to earn salaries of at least £50,000. This can easily rise to £70,000 - £100,000 in some industries. Working on a project or consultancy basis also increases the pay rates.


There are different professionals working on Project Management and they are called project managers. They are required in banks to manage the entire lifecycle of a project, from initial requirements to successful completion. These professionals make sure that company uses resources and people in the most efficient and effective way. They do some office work and travelling in order to ensure progress of the project.
Project Management professionals usually perform many of the following tasks:
• Defining business requirements.
• Identifying goals.
• Managing resources.
• Recruiting employees.
• Establishing project delivery strategy.


• Being able to work on various projects at the same time.
• Having good communication abilities.
• Having negotiation skills.
• Being able to work with a team.
• Being methodical and logical.
• Having problem solving abilities.
• Being able to understand complex information.
• Having good organisational skills.
• Having leadership skills.
• Having IT skills.


Project Management jobs require degrees related to the same industry or relevant years of work experience. It is recommended to have a degree or postgraduate qualification in project management, including five GCSE’s (A
*-C) and two A levels as a minimum. Another option is the Association for Project Management that offers an Introductory Certificate, Practitioner Qualifications and Certification training schemes, and Risk Management Certificates. The Project Management Institute also offers other qualifications such as Project Management Professional and Certified Associate in Project Management.

Some companies offer on the job training courses in order to develop workers skills to carry out advanced projects. These companies usually offer training in project management software packages such as PRINCE 2.

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