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The person who keeps a project on schedule, under budget and moving steadily towards completion is commonly known as a senior project manager. Their main responsibility is to communicate closely with everyone working on the project to make sure they are all on course for completion. Senior managers can be found in many industries, such as construction and IT
These lead supervisors anticipate problems before they happen and find ways to reach project goals under constantly changing circumstances. To get to this senior position, a candidate needs a lot of experience in their field and exceptional abilities. They usually oversee the entire project and need to know every aspect of it in detail
A Bachelors degree is the minimum requirement for this position, along with at least five years of relevant project experience. Exemplary communication skills are paramount, and of course expertise in the field.
Salaries vary widely depending on the project, the company, location and other factors but, in general, a senior manager earns between £36,000 and £110,000 a year.


Senior Project Managers are highly capable professionals who can manage projects and meet the required project specifications. Project Managers have the capacity to multitask effectively. They work in diverse industries including engineering, information technology and manufacturing.
A Senior Project Manager usually performs many of the following tasks:
•  Managing projects
• Delegating responsibilities
• Managing teams
• Mentoring employees
•  Preparing contracts
•  Creating work specifications
• Producing project plans
•  Evaluating work progression and quality
•  Negotiating with service providers and contractors
• Supervising junior project managers
• Networking with industry professionals


• Project management
• Time management
• Planning
• Supervision
• Communication
• Teamwork
• Leadership
• Delegating duties
• Logical thinking
• Problem solving
• Using initiative
• Adaptability
• Reporting
• Networking
• Negotiating
• Meeting deadlines


People who are interested in a career as a Senior Project Manager need at least a first degree. This degree should be in a business related area. Employers sometimes prefer a degree in Project Management. At the senior level, professionals should possess a Masters Degree. Depending on the industry, other related certifications are also acceptable.

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