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Those working as a registered manager must be highly motivated and should have robust skills in leadership, decision making, multi-tasking and communication. They are in charge of a number of an company functions and must ensure that the organisation is meeting its strategic goals effectively. He or she must do so through efficient use of all available resources and personnel. This post is most commonly associated with healthcare and social work
Duties and daily tasks for this individual can vary, although often include things like employee recruiting and training, ensuring procedural and safety policies are being met, basic budgeting and financial duties, overseeing marketing plans and various other ad hoc duties
Employers generally favour a Masters degree, although a Bachelors degree, along with applicable experience, is also commonly accepted. Those working as a registered manager in Britain typically see a per annum salary between £25,000 and £40,000. In recent years, the average figure has been about £33,000 per annum.


Registered Managers have a number of responsibilities within a company, on a day to day basis. These include finance, administrative, human resource, and health and safety duties. They work 40 hours a week in an office setting, assisting in supervising staff members.
A Registered Manager usually performs many of the following tasks:
• Recruiting employees
• Employing training programmes
• Designing orientation programmes for new hires
• Managing marketing plans
• Checking for correct implementation of safety procedures
• Providing staff support
• Mentoring employees
• Handling ad hoc tasks


• Being approachable
• Being ambitious
• Being an excellent leader
• Being able to communicate and listen efficiently
• Being motivated
• Being able to manage teams
• Resolving problems
• Leadership
• Making smart decisions
• Being thorough
• Delegating responsibilities
• Conflict management
• Being discrete
• Coaching
• Multitasking
• Being amicable


A Masters Degree is an asset to people who are interested in becoming a Registered Manager. This will help them prove their knowledge and capabilities in their field. Employers also accept a Bachelors Degree in any business related area. Managers are expected to be quite capable, driven and multitalented.

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