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The role of a Graduate Manager varies depending on the industry, company or current level of employment. Managers perform duties that are consistent with the services their companies offer. Overall they usually make decisions and perform human resource and other administrative functions. They are paid good salaries and normal work office hours and over time if required. The higher the post of a Graduate Manager the more he/she is paid and his/her responsibilities increase.
A Graduate Manager usually performs many of the following tasks:
• Developing new business ideas
•  Ordering and delivering goods
•  Mentoring staff
•  Performing administration tasks
• Handling customer issues
•  Managing business processes
•  Marketing business services
• Recommending business solutions


• Being positive and progressive
• Being friendly and respectful
• People management
• Being computer literate
• Oral and written communication
• Leadership and motivation
• Commercial awareness
• Being organised and discreet
• Being practical and analytical
• Being confident and focused
• Being persistent
• Being ambitious
• Networking


Many career professionals who work in managerial positions, start from lower positions within an organisation. They learn the job skills and apply themselves, exceeding in every capacity to climb the business ladder. Then you have some who study and then become Graduate Managers. These persons pursue first and second degrees in Business or Management courses. They pursue Bachelors and then Masters Degrees in Human Resources Management, Finance, Economics, Marketing, Sales and other Management subjects.

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