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A key member the company hierarchy, a general manager can be responsible for overseeing the entirety of an organisation’s operations or may be in charge of a certain department or set of departments. The former is very common in the hospitality and service industry as well as in smaller businesses, though GMs are found in all industries across the board
These individuals must ensure that company goals are met in a timely fashion by efficiently and effectively managing personnel and resources. The post requires its incumbent to have excellent multi-tasking, organisational, interpersonal and leadership skills, as well as a thorough knowledge of the industry and related finances.
Specific day-to-day tasks depend on the exact post and industry, as do qualifications, however nearly all GM positions will require at least a BA/BS and in many cases and MBA may be necessary, though experience is the most important asset.
The average salary for a general manager working in Britain is about £33,000 per annum. The lowest figures start at around £25,000 per annum and GMs in major corporations can see salaries well in excess of £70,000 per annum.


The functions performed by a General Manager (GM) are dependent on the type of company they are working for. They carry out many duties on a day-to-day basis. They resolve ethics crisis, which may occur in the working environment. The position of a General Manager requires persons who are highly responsible, effective, confident and capable.
General Managers may perform duties in keeping with the management of the businesses expenditure and revenue elements. Some managers even administer sales, marketing or accounting departments. They represent the company’s overall business strategies and work to implement and effect change in the daily work environment.
Functions of a GM may include:
• Administer daily operations
• Create, review and implement business procedures
• Work with department heads
• Plan company activities
• Manage financial budgets
• Take care of company expenditure and bills
• Manage company property such as cars, telecommunication devices, and laptops
• Handle business procurements
• Delegate responsibilities
• Hire, train, assess and fire staff
• Execute administrative responsibilities
• Attend meetings, trainings, seminars and conferences
• Travel to different locations
General Managers are sometimes known as corporate managers, executive directors, presidents, chief executive officer, chief operating officer, vice presidents, regional managers, brand manager, or business administrators; depending on the company.
The wage package for a General Managers is very lucrative in any industry, due to their responsibilities. They receive increases based on their years of experience or constant internal client satisfaction levels. Managers maintain regular office hours and do work overtime when required.


• Have thorough knowledge about marketing strategies
• Be able to manoeuvre and develop business procedures
• Have proficient leadership, organisational and supervisory skills
• Be dependable and professional
• Have computer and software skills
• Have superior training and presentation skills
• Be able to communicate successfully in both written and verbal format
• Be able to properly manage teams and employees
• Be able to delegate responsibilities
• Have first-rate skills in understanding, creating and analysing financial reports or budgets
• Be able to produce high level of quality service to colleagues
• Understand organisational culture
• Be cordial and amenable
• Be resourceful, inventive and self-confident


General Managers should possess a degree in a business related field. Employers may prefer that they hold MBAs and other high-level qualifications. They must also have a high quality and successful record of achievement, and years of experience. Managers perform numerous tasks in their jobs; hence, they require comprehensive knowledge about a wide number of job functions. Some general managers are promoted from other managerial or department positions.

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