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Most managers need an assistant, and the deputy manager is hired to fill that role. These helpful people assist with the planning, coordination, development and administration or programs and projects. They can work in any industry within any department, and the job often acts as a stepping stone to senior management positions
Assistant managers have myriad duties, from setting schedules to developing solutions for problems that arise during operations. They often help with hiring and training, and should be able to handle the day-to-day tasks of the manager if they are absent.
Extensive knowledge of the specific company and industry where these assistants work are essential. Deputy managers usually have a Bachelors or Masters degree in the related field and must be able to work both unsupervised and with upper management. Experience is very helpful in securing a job, but not always necessary depending on personal skills and credentials
Salaries depend upon the company and the level of manager being assisted, but generally range from £50,000 and £80,000 annually.


Deputy Managers usually work for or assist a General Manager (GM). They take over when the GM is not available and share in their responsibilities. They help to motivate staff, handle administrative duties, and perform human resource tasks, such as recruiting and assessing staff performance.
A Deputy Manager usually performs many of the following tasks:
•  Implementing business procedures
•  Assisting General Managers
• Controlling cost or expenditure
•  Maintain quality standards
• Training employees
• Budgeting
•  Preparing reports
•  Attending meetings
• Doing presentations


• Presentation
• Leadership
• Management
• Planning
• Negotiating
• Networking
• Communication
• People management
• Time management
• Stress management
• Problem solving
• Decision making
• Mentoring
• Being ambitious
• Being motivated
• Being confident
• Being professional


To become a successful and proficient Deputy Manager, candidates should possess a Bachelors Degree. A Masters Degree in Business Administration, Management or other related areas is also quite valuable.

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