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The team manager is the leader of a group of employees, overseeing the daily operations of one section within a company. These leaders must perform a wide range of duties that correspond to the kind of team they manage. In a manufacturing situation, the team leader supervises the production line, while at a call centre they would coach employees and monitor calls.
The daily planning, problem solving and operation of a company department is the main task of the team manager. They ensure that their team meets the goals and levels of production or service required by their company. To get the most from their team, these leaders work continuously to develop the individuals in the group. As such, communication skills are essential
Leadership skills and the ability to identify problems and come up with solutions are also major parts of this position. Most firms require a Bachelors degree, though experience also counts for a lot for the manager posting. A typical call centre team manager can earn around £40,000 a year.


Team managers are responsible for the day-to-day activities and guidance of their team members. The team manager sets targets, implement guidelines, and assist with any issues the employees may have. A team manager has to ensure that all members understand the team’s objectives and work together to achieve it. Constant monitoring by the manager helps to ensure that everyone is working towards the same goal.
A team manager may use certain principles to manage the team. One such is the SMART principle. Team members receive training to ensure their goals are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely. A team manager will foster a cohesive, creative, and comfortable working environment, mediating any interpersonal issues within the team. They provide leadership and direction where necessary.
Team managers should know about team strategies, working with remote teams, using technology, workplace diversity, management styles, mediation, macro, and micro-management. Their roles can be long term or project based, depending on the duration of a particular assignment.
Team managers:
• Implement team goals or objectives
• Supervise, train or guide team members
• Mediate any interpersonal issues
• Inspire and motivate team members
• Provide effective feedback
• Manage remote teams
• Utilize technology effectively
• Be knowledgeable about each team members job role


• Be self motivated
• Be customer oriented
• Be trustworthy and efficient
• Have prior managerial experience
• Have excellent interpersonal skills
• Have effectual time and project management skills
• Be able to make responsible and effective decisions
• Be able to work on own initiative.
• Be able to communicate efficiently – both written and verbally
• Be able to meet targets and handle a high pressure environment
• Be able to lead and manage teams.


Team Managers must have prior management experience. They should also possess at least a bachelor’s degree. This degree must be relevant to their field or job. Having vocational and management certifications is beneficial.

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