In-house Sales job description


In-house Sales professionals perform a number of different sales activities. They contact and work with clients, attend sales shows, manage accounts and input data into the client database. Some even represent their company at events, often working as a team with other In-house Sales professionals.
An In-house Sales professional usually performs many of the following tasks:
•  Visiting client locations
• Attending meetings
• Promoting products and services
•  Generating leads
•  Maintaining databases
•  Checking and verifying client information
• Working with sales quotes
•  Assisting Trade shows and exhibitions
•  Processing sales orders


• Sales
• Communication (using the telephone is imperative in this role) and negotiation
• Organisation and planning
• Account management
• Time management
• Being analytical, creative and driven
• Being a team player
• Information technology
• Multitasking


In-house Sales professionals have various qualifications. They may possess Bachelors or Masters Degree in Marketing, Sales, Business or Communications. Some may have lesser qualifications such as GCSE, High School diplomas or Associate Degrees.

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