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Manufacturers of pharmaceuticals as well as medical equipment, supplies and facilities look to those known as a medical sales rep to help with gaining and negotiating service and sales agreements with clinics, hospitals, trusts, practices, academic institutions and the like. These representatives also help in maintaining relationships with current clients by providing them with support, training and information regarding products
Each position has a unique set of day-to-day tasks; however, nearly all job holders in this post will have to regularly liaise with medical professionals, including doctors, dentists and pharmacists, regarding new and existing products. Reps must have a good persona and communication skills as well as the ability to perform thorough research. Candidates should have at least a bachelor’s degree in biology, pharmacy or a similar field; other degrees may be accepted alongside medical knowledge or experience
A medical sales rep in the UK can earn anywhere from £15,000 per annum to well over £65,000, and remuneration is often based or correlated to commission or bonuses. An average salary for the post is £30,000 per annum.


Medical Sales representatives are responsible for selling medicines, medical equipment, prescription drugs, and other products to hospital doctors, practice nurses, pharmacists, etc. In United Kingdom, these representatives have specific areas to sell their products. They specialise in particular sectors or products and can also make presentations to show their products.

A Medical Sales representative usually performs many of the following tasks:
• Organising conferences for doctors.
• Managing budgets.
• Arranging appointments with other professionals.
• Monitoring competitor activity.
• Developing strategies for sales.


• Having excellent communication skills.
• Being confident and patient.
• Having strong networking abilities.
• Having knowledge about business and commercial topics.
• Being able to meet or beat targets frequently.
• Being persuasive.
• Having good organisational and planning skills.
• Having competent problem solving abilities.
• Being flexible and creative.
• Having proper understanding of clinical data.


Some recommended backgrounds for Medical Sales representative jobs are degrees related to nursing, healthcare, sales, marketing, biology, biomedical sciences or biology. Most employers offer training schemes in case of absence of a science degree. Some companies require comprehensive sales experience and skills to learn about therapies and medicines. A good advantage for this type of jobs is to have A level in general science or biology as a minimum.

It is useful for applicants to see the list of pharmaceutical companies published by the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry for more information.

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