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These specialist engineers use the knowledge of their trade to secure orders on behalf of companies in the engineering industry. They conduct searches for new customers who may be interested in buying certain products or services, as well as revisiting already established clients
A driving licence is often an essential requirement for the job, as much of a sales engineer’s time is taken up with travelling to and from clients’ premises. An important aspect of the job is understanding customer requirements, as well as anticipating any future needs they may have. Additional duties include calculating quotations, negotiating contractual terms and recording client data
Sales engineers usually have a Bachelors degree in an engineering discipline, such as civil or structural engineering. They must have the ability to relate well to others, maintain long-term relationships with clients, and work well with other members of the sales team. Salaries are between £26,000 and £33,000, with rates of £40,000 in Scotland and Northern England.


Sales Engineers are technical experts who have transitioned to a career in sales. Their aptitude for easily understanding technical concepts assists them in training, advising and supporting other sales professionals. They often answer customer queries and resolve any issues they may have.
A Sales Engineer usually performs many of the following tasks:
•  Meeting regular sales targets
• Preparing reports
• Analysing costs
• Interpreting customer requirements
• Administering client accounts
•  Solving client problems
•  Coordinating sales projects
•  Maintaining client contact data
•  Negotiating tenders


• Communication, including being bi- or multilingual and comfortable with public speaking
• Planning, problem solving and time management
• Being courteous, collaborative, analytical and professional
• Documenting
• Being resilient
• Being collaborative
• Being competitive


Sales Engineers are technical sales professionals. They may be experts in construction, engineering or electronics. These Engineers typically work with companies that directly correlate with their expertise. Sales Engineers may have from Bachelors, Masters to Post Graduate certifications. Employers also provide on the job training to increase the candidate's knowledge of the particular products and services offered by the company.

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