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Sales executives play a major part in a company’s success by selling its goods and services to manufacturers, wholesalers, businesses and retail outlets. Products range from IT supplies to fast-moving consumer goods, such as groceries or stationery
Sales may be either business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-customer (B2C). Both types of selling require research and relationship-building skills, promoting the product in question in as professional and effective a way as possible. The job requires regular travel to visit customers and it is often necessary to attend sales team meetings to hone selling techniques and improve performance
Additional duties include taking note of customer requirements, making phone calls and sending emails, arranging appointments, closing sales, and liaising with suppliers. Likely candidates are confident negotiators with excellent communication skills and a background in sales. They must be comfortable working in a competitive environment and be happy to meet regular sales targets. Salaries are in the region of £21,000 to £28,000.


Selling the goods or services of a business is the responsibility of a sales executive. They assist their company to get into new markets locally and internationally. Being a sales executive gives graduates the capacity to transition to different jobs, such as public relations, advertising, and marketing. Their job directly influences the productivity and profit margins of a company. This job is very demanding and competitive and persons must have the recommended stamina and aptitude.
Sales executives depending on their business perform their tasks in different ways. Some executives work exclusively by phone, teleconferencing, or email. While others travel to client locations, expositions and trade shows. There are two types of sales executives those who perform business-to-business sales or those who do business to consumer sales. Executives must be conversant and very knowledgeable about the product or service they represent. They must be able to answer any questions the customer might ask, be persistent in closing the deal, and negotiate different terms.
Executives perform tasks such as:
a.  Attend meetings, conferences, trainings and seminars
b.  Learn new information about the product or service they are selling
c.  Note supply, demand, buying and selling trends
d. Contact potential clients
e.  Represent their company at expos and events
f. Liaise with external suppliers
g.  Develop and foster client relationships
h.  Collect customer feedback or complaints
Salaries for this position can be very lucrative. They are dependent on the type of product or service, the cost, client base, or company location. Executives earn commissions and performance bonuses including other benefits such as health care, insurance, vacation pay, and allowances.


1. Have strong negotiation skills
2. Be computer literate
3. Be Multilingual and able to multitask
4. Be dynamic, focused and self motivated
5. Be persistent and diligent
6.  Communicate effectively – oral and written
7. Be able to work on own initiative and with a team player
8. Be sociable and amicable


Sales skills are important in being a successful Sales Executive. Employers find it more relevant for graduates to be able to negotiate and close deals, in so doing increase revenue. Having a college degree is not pertinent in many sales executive positions. However, it is advantageous if executives hold certifications or degrees in various business fields.
Many companies offer on the job training, making employees more proficient and capable in using the different sales applications and tactics. Training is conducted on company products, services, and the best way to sell them. Some companies outsource their training to Sales Consultants who come in and teach their workers the best approach and new sales strategies. This method often boosts moral and invigorates sales executives.

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