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The job of field sales representative involves working outside the office environment sourcing potential customers and maximising the sales of a company’s products or services. This is often done by cold calling, often knocking on doors or scheduling meetings at offices and other establishments. Representatives are also required to keep records and carry out research
Applicants for this job should have excellent verbal communication skills and interpersonal skills as the job requires describing products or services in order to persuade a potential customer to make a purchase or place an order. Competency in computer use is vital for this position as well as the ability to use initiative and think quickly in order to close a sale. Special educational qualifications are rarely required for the job as formal training in sales techniques is usually provided in-house at entry-level. The average salary for the job is £27,000 per year, with many companies giving bonuses or commission on sales.


Field sales agents, sell. They are directly responsible for generating income and revenue for any business. They are not limited to any industry. They manage and negotiate with potential clients, garnering their support for the company. To be effective in this position, employees must consistently achieve sales targets and generate new business.
Field sales agents mostly travel to client locations. They go from house to house, travel to different locations or visit various companies. They do many different tasks to ‘get the sale’. They are required to be very motivated, self sufficient and dependable. They must be versatile, flexible and treat their clients with exceptional respect and care. With today’s business and technological advancements, field sales workers may choose to work from home, going into the office when necessary.
After being promoted, these professionals work in many job positions. They earn good wages and qualify for bonuses and commissions. Field sales agents may also receive petrol, travelling, uniform and meal allowances. Other benefits may include vacation pay, gratuity, general and health insurance, and stock options.
Functions of Sales Consultants include:
•  Forecast sales targets
•  Prepare reports and statistical data
• Generate business leads
•  Attend meetings, trainings, seminars and other sales events
•  Come up with innovative ideas
•  Follow through on sales leads
•  Increase company revenue
•  Call potential clients
•  Use sales databases and applications


• Be multilingual
• Be competitive
• Be confident and focused
• Be a team player
• Be able to work on own initiative
• Have strong technical knowledge of the industry
• Communicate effectively
• Be able to conduct meetings and presentations efficiently
• Have the aptitude for a job in sales
• Be professional
• Be able to achieve targets and meet deadlines
• Be able to work with financial reports and statistics
• Strong planning and time management skills
• Expert negotiating capabilities
• Be able to generate business leads


Having strong skills in sales is very beneficial in this job. Field sales agents should have a desire to succeed and a passion for sales. They should be persistent, self motivated and driven to make high sales commissions. Persons working in field sales can have degrees and other certifications, but it is integral to an excellent sales person. Field sales staff must at least complete high school requirements.
Many companies offer sales training to their employers. They teach specific strategies and procedures. Employers even train their staff to use particular scripts, some even help them neutralise any language accents or speech distinctions. Employees in field sales often work with senior staff members, shadowing them on a day-to-day basis, until they have aptly developed their skills.

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