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The title of business manager is often used to describe a number of key managerial roles in a commercial organisation including general managers, business development managers, sales managers and account managers
Each managerial position entails a unique set of key duties and day-to-day tasks; however, all posts will involve a relatively high degree of responsibility and the jobholder will be expected to help the company reach its goals through efficiently and effectively utilising its resources and personnel
Remuneration for a business manager is determined by experience, the nature of the specific post, the industry and the size of the employer. Overall the average figure for a GM in the UK is £33,000 a year; however, figures begin at around £25,000 and those working for large, successful firms can earn well beyond £60,000 a year. Sales managers typically earn in the range of nearly £50,000 a year and business development managers usually see figures around £55,000 a year, though the range is from £25,000 to nearly £95,000 annually.


Business managers effect organizational changes. They are visionary thinkers who develop, evaluate, strategize, and put into operation measures to make a company successful. A key role for business executive is to dialog and review current protocols with existing management personnel of different departments. This allows them to have a clear understanding of if and/or why current business measures are effective. Based on these findings they propose new policies to generate higher revenues for a company.
Business managers make difficult and far reaching decisions on a daily basis and as such are required to have an exhaustively, comprehensive knowledge of a company’s goods or service. Due to the role and service provided by a business manager, they attract good salary packages. However, their remuneration is dependent on where they are in the company, whether at middle management or in an executive position.


1. Ability to employ sound decisions from previous job experience
2. Ability to communicate adequately
3. Ability to manage your time and projects
4. Ability to network with different people and groups
5. Ability to learn and understand new technologies
6. Ability to develop and maintain solid working relationships
7. Ability to resolve issues creatively and in a timely manner
8. Ability to effect change and execute proposals
9. Ability to negotiate
10. Ability to achieve set goals and targets


Few training programs cater to business managers as persons who become business managers often advance from various organizational leadership positions. Programs developed by a company prepare their managers for business management roles. Included in these programs are relevant courses, training on the job usually by shadowing another business manager, and attaining specialized prerequisites. Program duration ranges from one to two years. Future business managers must possess a first degree in relevant business programs, from an approved tertiary institution. Completing management courses and an internship is also an asset.

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