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The Accounts Manager is responsible for managing a company’s accounting systems and financial reporting requirements and is also responsible for the maintenance and evaluation of accounting systems as well as making recommendations to the company’s CEO. Managing and supervising accounts department staff is also a key task.
Applicants for the position must be highly knowledgeable in the relevant aspects of accountancy and have excellent record keeping and report writing skills. The ability to motivate and supervise staff effectively is also important for this role as well as the organisational ability to meet set deadlines and targets
The average salary for the job is around £40,000 per year. A successful applicant would be required to hold a qualification in accountancy, usually a bachelor’s degree, and have a high level of accountancy experience as well as strong verbal and written communication skills and proficiency in the use of office software and accountancy applications. Another useful requirement would be previous experience in a managerial or supervisory role.


The expectations of clientele are important and meeting these standards ensures success to any business. Client service managers or account executives are professionals that get this task done. They develop and execute policies to assure customer satisfaction and increase a company’s revenue. Managers maintain the connection between a company and its clients. They also work in many different industries and business sectors.
Client Service managers may perform tasks such as:
i. Advertising a company’s products and services
ii. Developing strategies and business proposals
iii. Improving on company policies
iv. Networking with clients
v. Training staff and or clients
vi. Facilitating business transactions
vii. Interfacing with accounting, sales, and marketing managers; technical and product experts; directors and chief officers.
Due to their job roles, account managers may spend majority of their time travelling. This allows them to expand their customer base, and preserve current client accounts and relationships. Managers in this capacity, work on a flexible and extensive schedule. As these managers are typically working remotely, they utilize an array of telecommunication mediums to access client data and to maintain contact with their clientele.
The science, technical and manufacturing industries can expect a growth in this career field over the next decade, according to various business research and survey groups. On average account managers earn up to seventy thousand dollars, excluding commissions and bonuses. Bonus amounts are dependent on performance and the value of the company’s products and services.


1.  Initiative and creativity – be resourceful in resolving problem.
2.  Good interpersonal skills – be able to relate with co-workers and clients.
3. Strong Leadership skills – be able to guide teams, instruct employees, and work with high-level decision-makers.
4.  Networking skills – be able to create, develop, and preserve relationships with both clients and staff members.
5.  Comprehensive and technical knowledge – be able to demonstrate an extensive awareness of the services or goods offered by your company
6.  Professionalism – be able to conduct yourself proficiently.
7.  Excellent Project and Time management skills – be able to manage your time and projects effectively, prioritizing important tasks.
8. Strategic planner – be able to understand, analyze, and estimate fiscal data.
9.  Effective computer skills – be able to utilize computer hardware and software efficiently.
10.  Proficient communication skills – be able to effectively correspond both written and verbally.


Having customer service and sales, experience is an asset to account managers. An account manager must be either years of experience or a degree in their respective fields. Many employers expect employees in this position to have at least a first degree. It is also beneficial if you have studied technical courses such as information technology, mathematics, economics etc. Having a degree, an MBA or experience in marketing, gives potential employees an advantage over others.

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